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Quantum Thinkers' ADHD Community


You are ready to take control of your ADHD and uplevel your skills at work, but not ready for 1:1 coaching yet!

This is your community, where we meet bi-weekly with like-minded professionals who are ready to uplevel in their careers and also learn new, intentional ways to manage ADHD.   

Recommended for those who are new to coaching. 

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Empowering Team Members with ADHD

Dive into a transformative workshop tailored for leaders, HR professionals, mentors, and advocates. Unlock the science behind ADHD, foster ADHD-friendly environments, and champion the unique brilliance of neurodiverse minds. Join Coach Cathy in this engaging 5-session journey, and transform your workspace into a hub of understanding, innovation, and inclusive excellence. Step up and lead the change. Embrace neurodiversity. Empower everyone.

Recommended for team leaders, HR professionals, mentors, and advocates. 

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Ready, Set, Choose!

1:1 Coaching Engagement

You’re fed up with being at war with your ADHD and ready for deep change.

During my coaching engagement, we work together intensively to get you out of the ditch and into the driver’s seat of success on your terms. With dynamic and flexible tools, and accountability to make sure you’re rocking to the next level, you can have confidence your progress doesn’t have an expiration date. As part of the Ready. Set. Choose. Family, we empower your momentum for life so you can adapt and rise to every occasion!

Recommended for those who have worked with a coach/mentor before. 

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Mentor Coaching 

Supporting coaches who are working towards their ICF credentials such as ACC or PCC or Credentialing through PAAC. Please book a discovery call to discuss options and fees for Individual or Group Mentor coaching. 

Recommended for those who are training to become an ADHD Coach. 

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