Proudly ADHD Podcast

Happy clients mastering their ADHD 

"Before working with Cathy I was living in reaction to other people's projects, steering other people’s ships and not prioritizing or creating from my own genius or vision! Coaching has helped me recognize the differences between my brain wiring (machine) and the (mind). I have learned about my unique brain and sharing that with my loved ones to understand me better which has been incredible and made life flow easier. This journey has been unbelievably valuable and transformative."

“Before working together, I carried more stress around about how to manage the disorganization and craziness in every corner of my life. 

Now I have a handle on life, much better expectations of what kind of solutions are going to be realistic for me, and much less avoidance in tackling things as they pile up. I can choose to do the work that will be most productive instead of spinning my wheels pushing through things that just won't work.”

“I was losing a bit of hope and losing the essence of the joy of life. I was too overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities to bring back out the strong performer and deep presence in me. Now, I have a sense of stability.

I am more aware of a clear path, and can see the difference between when I can make conscious choices, or let go of what’s unrealistic.”

“When I decided to start a new company with some partners I found myself having to adapt my workflow, systems, and my life to people that had more neurotypical behaviors.

It was extremely difficult to determine what issues I should have a legitimate issue with and what issues were just part of me having ADHD. My relationship with my partners has improved. The biggest thing for me was understanding the difference between the issues that are part of my ADHD and the issues that are just the natural part of working with other high achieving people.”