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About me

I'm CATHY, Former corporate Rockstar turned ADHD & Executive Coach.

Cathy Rashidian

It has been my honor to coach professionals with ADHD through ending their battle with the ADHD beast so they can harness and maintain the momentum of their incredibly powerful brains.

Once upon a time, I had a super successful corporate career. 

And, the more I climbed the ladder, the more I started experiencing stumbling blocks I hadn’t noticed before. The stakes kept getting higher, and the pressure was almost unbearable.  But my colleagues didn’t seem to be battling with success the same way that I was. 

I got curious: 

When projects went sideways, why was I freaking out internally while the people around me took it in stride? 

Why was I always feeling behind the 8 ball when the people around me seemed to be able to stay ahead of their to-do list? 

In meetings, why could other people get their thoughts together and bring them to the table articulately, while I sat there struggling to get my brilliant ideas out? 

The more successful I became, the more things started to unravel. I was chronically overwhelmed, bringing stress home with me, and feeling like my natural intelligence alone could no longer carry me.

At 35, I was diagnosed with cancer. That pivotal moment drove me to seek answers. Why was my body rebelling against me? Why couldn’t I bring passion and excellence to my work, without being taken down by stress, anxiety, and worry? 

At 41, I got the answer that made all my struggles click into place: I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

I knew I had to change everything. All the coping strategies I’d developed over a lifetime with ADHD (unknown to me!) were backfiring. 

After diving into every resource out there, I got a little pissed. It seemed like all the books, courses, and coaches out there wanted to put me in an ADHD ‘box’. 

I took a stand for myself: I was more than just the label of “ADHD”. 

This is the stand I am taking for you. 

You are brilliant first, and your ADHD is a strength.

Our unique neurology makes us the visionaries we are. But we are NOT just our ADHD. 

The books, courses, blogs, “hacks,” and time management and productivity strategies left me flat. I became determined to understand my brain and how to use it to unleash my own genius in a way that didn’t drain me.  

I needed to know how to work with my own unique wiring, and so I became a certified professional coach in the framework of Energy Leadership through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). This framework gave me the power to make the choices on a minute to minute, day to day basis that maximized my gifts and minimized my triggers, impulsivity, and reactivity. 

But I still needed to know more about the diagnosis. I enrolled in ADD Coaching Academy (recognized as a one of the leading ADHD Coach training programs in the world).  I studied under the best minds in the field, and I’m armed with an intimate knowledge of how our diagnosis works, right down to the neurotransmitters that fuel us and then take us down.

That’s when it all came together. I created the Ready, Set, Choose framework to help my clients tame the ADHD beast, so their brilliance and visionary aptitude can take the lead in their careers and businesses.

As your coach, I have immense compassion for your journey. Working together, we’re going to rock the hell out of your career, relationships, and give you the power to realize your vision, your way.

Let’s take that Lamborghini brain for the ride of its life.

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