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It’s Time for Your Adult ADHD Diagnosis to Stop Wreaking Havoc on Your Life

Move Past the Diagnosis and the Label, and Take the Wheel of Your Unique Wiring

When Your ADHD is out of control, it’s chaos.

  • All the projects and exciting initiatives you took on become an overwhelming pressure cooker of “to-do” that you can’t possibly imagine getting done . . . never mind getting them done to your high standards.

  • For a second you were on top of everything, feeling great . . . and then BLAM! You’re behind the 8 ball again, spiraling into discouragement, frustration, and the despair of wondering if you’re ever going to be consistent with your energy and performance.

  • You’re living in reaction mode to other people’s projects and demands and rarely getting to create from your own genius or vision.

Here’s a Taste of What Life Is Like When We Work Together:

  • You’re no longer bringing home all your stress and anxiety, and instead you’re the present, joyful person your loved ones deserve.

  • You’re more organized, on top of your work, and ahead of the curve than ever before. You’re on time (even early!) and have space to breathe between obligations. You’re working with the unique, changing rhythm of your intelligence and energy.

  • No more getting pulled in 1,000 directions based on the mood and the moment and other people’s needs. You’re able to prioritize your to-do list and stick to it. Consistently. (You’ll even finally have time to execute on your visionary ideas.)

  • You’ll master your influencing skills and get buy-in and enthusiasm during your leadership meetings. No more battling resistance, blank stares, boredom, and wondering why the hell people can’t just “get it” like you do! Goodbye, friction. Hello, visionary team leadership.

  • You’re in total integrity with your work relationships. Nailing the art of dynamic communication means you’re seen as an influential leader who has a talent for bringing out the best in others.

Happy Client

"Before working together, I carried more stress around about how to manage the disorganization and craziness in every corner of my life.  Now I have a handle on life, much better expectations of what kind of solutions are going to be realistic for me, and much less avoidance in tackling things as they pile up. I can choose to do the work that will be most productive instead of spinning my wheels pushing through things that just won't work."

Happy Client

"I was losing a bit of hope and losing the essence of the joy of life. I was too overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities to bring back out the strong performer and deep presence in me. Now, I have a sense of stability. I am more aware of a clear path, and can see the difference between when I can make conscious choices, or let go of what’s unrealistic."

It’s Time to Go Beyond the Diagnosis

When you first get the diagnosis, it’s such a relief. You finally understand that you’re not lazy and your work ethic is perfectly good. 

There’s a lot of hope when you get the diagnosis. You can finally look for answers and solutions. Some work (if you can remember to use them). Some don’t. And only a few really stick around. Discouragement creeps in. 

You’re left wondering, how long is it going to take to get this figured out? Meanwhile, things are unraveling faster than you can cobble them back together, and all hell is breaking loose.
Whether you’re about to scale your business, or you have an insane quarter coming up at work, this is the perfect time to get me on your team.

Coaching with an expert in ADHD is the highway your brain has been looking for.

It’s going to get you out of the ditch and on the path to success, on your terms, fast.

Your breakthroughs will stand the test of time, and you'll develop customized tools that are dynamic and adaptable. 

Tools you can work with for the rest of your life.

I’ve invested in mentorship by the top experts in adult ADHD, and I coach with the highest ethical standards and expertise out there.

The depth of coaching with me goes beyond simple methods that you outgrow in a month. You’ll understand the neurology of what’s happening in your brain, and how it interacts with your individual makeup.

Armed with that knowledge and deep coaching, you’ll be unstoppable.

Our Coaching Journey Together 

  • We will put out the fires that keep interrupting your progress, STAT. We’ll wrangle the habits that derail you so you can be free from interruptions throughout the coaching process. These sessions are packed with personalized strategies to you to keep smashing roadblocks with control and power.
  • We will uncover the patterns that keep things unraveling just when you’re about to go to the next level, and make a plan to get your momentum back, faster. 
  • In each 30-45 minute coaching session, you’ll choose your top priorities for us to work on. Capitalize on what you’ve discovered about your ADHD strengths, stay on track with your energy awareness and redesigned habits, and address any individual chaos flares or self-doubt about your potential to thrive!

During the coaching engagement, you’ll have access to unlimited voice and texting with me so I can catch the triggers and patterns in real time that you may miss. Patterns will be interrupted in the EXACT moments, and ruminations that have previously caused you to go into days of being “stuck” will be shut down before they can take hold . . . and this is how change happens FAST.

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In light of the economy, I've applied a 30% discount to the usual $900 rate.

  • (3) 1:1 coaching sessions (45 mins)
  • Unlimited text support during coaching engagement
  • Access to the coaching portal 



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  • Intention & Goal Setting Session (90 mins)
  • Professional Development Plan - Core Dynamics 
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  • Unlimited text support during coaching engagement
  • Access to the coaching portal



  • Intention & Goal Setting Session (90 mins)
  • Energy Leadership Assessment & Report 
  • Energy Leadership Assessment Debrief (90 min) 
  • Professional Development Plan - LDS 
  • (5) 1:1 coaching sessions (45 mins) 
  • Unlimited text support during coaching engagement
  • Access to the coaching portal