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Welcome to The Quantum Thinkers' ADHD Community:

Lead with Confidence, Unlock Potential, Navigate ADHD

Next Cohort starts Friday May 3 - 9:30 MST | 11:30 EST | 4:30 GMT - Session duration 75 min

You’ve succeeded in a fast-paced professional environment. You love it. From the outside, it looks like you’ve got it all together.

But now you’re in a place where your ADHD is colliding with the role you’re in.

  • You were a star in your old role, but you’ve just been promoted to management, and now you’ve got to figure out how to manage a team, delegate, communicate, and inspire. All while maintaining your high standards of excellence. Hello, burnout.

  • You’re already managing people, but not as effectively as you want to. You get pulled around by other people’s needs and frustrated that they don’t just see the big picture and take action.

  • You’re considering moving to a new company or positioning yourself for a promotion, and you want to develop the leadership and management skills that will put you a cut above the competition.

You’re so done focusing on your ADHD. You want to step up fully into your full professional leadership potential.

You’re the sum of the people you spend the most time with.
Stack the odds of greatness in your favor.

Welcome to The Quantum Thinkers' ADHD Community

How Does this Community Work with My ADHD?  Keep reading …

  • You know you can read a room in an instant. That’s an ADHD strength. We pool our collective Emotional Intelligence abilities to develop the art of influencing as we work together to overcome communication issues that might block us from being as masterful in leadership.

  • You’re incredible at seeing the big picture and connecting the dots . . . but not always in your own stressful work situations. Our Quantum Thinking hot seats will bring big-picture solutions to your most pressing issues. Can’t read the label from inside the bottle? We’ve got your back.

  • Our meetings are professional AND laid back. In 75 minutes, we’ll move through a structure that keeps you engaged (no 90-minute lectures here!) with plenty of variety and opportunity to contribute.

  • This is your personal Board of Brains! Compassion and Non-Judgment are built into our culture, so you can bring your leadership dilemmas without shame or guilt. In our Alliance, you’ll banish Imposter Syndrome and never again wonder, “How can I lead a team when, behind the scenes, I’m a hot mess?” or "One day, they will find out that I don't have it all together!"
  • This Community is completely personalized and a balance of real-time quantum problem solving PLUS skill-set development and practice . . . with built-in, simple accountability for everyone.

I’m Cathy.

I Believe in the Expansive Possibilities That Happen in a Community of Brilliant Minds. Especially ADHD Minds.

I wasted many hours in my corporate career stuck in the bottleneck of hyperfocus on negative workplace situations. Our ADHD hyperfocus can cause us to go down a rabbit hole of rumination, beating ourselves up, and shaming ourselves.

In my corporate career and as a business owner, being part of a community has saved my butt and accelerated my leadership. 

The community permitted me to see solutions and possibilities drawn from the collective wisdom and experience of incredible professionals like you. With multiple voices acknowledging what I was going through, I had my own personal Board of Brains to support my brilliance.  

When we are in a community, we can manage our energy, unlocks solutions and quantum thinking patterns.

Every two weeks, we come together and interrupt the wild stuff going on in our heads to regain powerful focus on doing kick-ass things. 

Sounds like you want a piece of that community pie, right? 

Standard Membership

$99 / month

Minimum of 3 Months Commitment

  • Start date Friday  May 3 2024
  • Time - 9:30 MST | 11:30 EST |  4:30 GMT 
  • Bi-weekly group coaching: 6 sessions in 3 months (75 minutes each)
  • 3 Office hours - Get private coaching from Cathy  
  • Access to our private online community for ongoing support and connection
  • Exclusive resources, including guides, worksheets, and recommended readings/Listening
  • Accountability and progress tracking to keep you on track toward your goals
  • Optional participation in virtual co-working sessions for increased focus and productivity
  • As we grow the community, more features will be added

Client experience

“Before working with Cathy, I carried more stress around about how to manage the disorganization and craziness in every corner of my life.  Now I have a handle on life, much better expectations of what kind of solutions are going to be realistic for me, and much less avoidance in tackling things as they pile up. I can choose to do the work that will be most productive instead of spinning my wheels pushing through things that just won't work.”

I Invite You to Amp Up Your Sphere of Influence in the Quantum Thinker's ADHD Community.

You value integrity, freedom, and ambition. You want to be in the company of powerhouses who live to chase more purpose and meaning in work and life.

You want an alliance of driven, successful people to spend time with . . . who also accept when you lose your train of thought, ramble on a little, or interrupt impulsively and bring you back on track.

You want your day-to-day triggers to stop preoccupying you so badly that you can’t concentrate. Instead, you want to focus on the projects, initiatives, and relationships that make you feel high on life.

You want a home base where you can solve your most pressing problems, so you can show your best face in front of your team.

You want to be in a space where you are surrounded by people who elevate each other and inspire one another to be Legacy Leaders.

THIS IS YOUR HOME TURF.   The Community where you work towards Leading with Confidence, Unlock Potential and Navigate ADHD.