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ADHD & Workplace: Starter Kit Seminar

Crafting Your Path to Professional Empowerment


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Welcome to a pivotal moment in your professional journey.

"ADHD & Workplace: Starter Kit" is not just a seminar; it's a crucial step in intentionally utilizing the strengths of your brain and character in the workplace.

This experience is designed for
 the go-getters, the dreamers, and the doers who are ready to manage their ADHD actively

This seminar provides the foundational tools and strategies to kickstart your path to creating intentional success in the workplace. 


"Drawing from 6 years of coaching professionals, extensive ADHD training, and my own corporate experiences, I've created the 'ADHD & Workplace: Starter Kit.' It's the resource I wished for during my corporate journey, where unmanaged ADHD was both a hidden asset and a challenge. This seminar is designed to support you turn what I once saw as accidental success into intentional achievements. Join me, and let's navigate your professional path with ADHD as your asset and put you in the driver seat of your career."

Your dedicated thinking partner - Cathy Rashidian, PCC, PCAC

What’s in Store for You:

  • A Tailored Toolbox: Dive into a curated collection of strategies and tools, designed with your unique brain wiring in mind, to navigate the professional world more effectively.

  • Deeper Insights: Uncover the profound impact of ADHD on your work life and how to channel your distinct strengths into achieving greater success.

  • Goal-Setting Like a Pro: Master the art of setting realistic goals, prioritizing like a boss, and managing your time in a way that feels like second nature.

  • Creative Problem-Solving: Unlock the creative genius within to find innovative solutions to workplace challenges, making what seems like obstacles stepping stones to your success.

  • Communication Mastery: Learn the art of expressing your ideas with clarity, collaborating with ease, and advocating for your needs confidently.

  • Fostering Connections: Discover how to cultivate a supportive network that sees, appreciates, and uplifts your unique contributions.

  • Healthy Habits for Success: Build work habits that not only cater to your ADHD but also promote your well-being, productivity, and career growth.

Take the Leap:

Are you prepared to unlock the full potential of your professional skills and pave the way towards a fulfilling career that embraces and honors your distinct way of thinking?  The change starts with you! 



  • Duration: The seminar will last approximately 2.5 hours.

  • Live Seminar¬†Fee: $100 USD
  • Self-Paced format: $79 USD (coming soon; join waitlist to be notified)
  • Recording: The session will be recorded, allowing registered participants to access it later if they cannot attend live or wish to review the content. For the protection of the participant's identity, the recording will be edited to preserve privacy and confidentiality.

  • Engagement: Active participation is encouraged, but please mute your microphone when not speaking to minimize background noise.

  • Respect: Treat all participants and the presenter with respect, valuing diverse viewpoints and experiences.

  • Confidentiality: Respect the privacy of others by not sharing personal or sensitive information discussed during the seminar without consent.

  • Technology Use:¬†Before the seminar, please familiarize yourself with Zoom functionalities to minimize technical disruptions.

Disclaimer: The "ADHD & Workplace: Starter Kit" seminar is designed for educational and support purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We encourage all participants to consult with a qualified healthcare provider for personalized mental health care. This seminar aims to provide practical strategies and insights for managing ADHD in the workplace and should be used in conjunction with professional guidance.