Supporting Team Members with ADHD 

A Leadership Training designed to help you Empower your team and Drive Success

Empower Your Workplace: Become an ADHD Support Catalyst

Are you passionate about fostering a compassionate and inclusive workplace that enables all your colleagues to thrive?

As a leader in tech, your team is full of incredibly talented people, and some of them think just a little bit differently than others. That's part of what makes them great contributors, but at the same time, it can create a challenge for those like you who need to manage them.

Adults with ADHD often face considerable challenges with productivity due to their symptoms, and yet, there are so many moments when everything aligns for them, and they produce work that no one else does—or even can. In other words, when they're great, they're great… just not consistently.

Productivity is personal, and individuals with ADHD can be just as productive and successful as those without it if they have the tools and approaches that work best for them. Creating a safe space where your ADHD team members feel heard and respected is crucial for their psychological safety, leading to better emotional regulation and more mental space for achieving their potential.

We understand that as a leader in your organization, you are dedicated to nurturing the growth of your team and contributing to your organization's overall success. You recognize the incredible talent and creativity that your team members with ADHD bring to the table, but you may be facing challenges in managing their unique needs and struggles.

That's why we have created the "ADHD Support Catalyst Workshop" Leadership Training Workshop with an ADHD lense, a personalized 5-session workshop designed specifically for leaders like you.


Who is an "ADHD Support Catalyst": A person who actively works to promote inclusivity and support for individuals with ADHD in the workplace. This person plays a pivotal role in creating a work environment that recognizes and embraces the unique strengths and challenges of individuals with ADHD, fostering a sense of belonging, acceptance, and empowerment. As a catalyst, this person serves as a driving force for positive change, inspiring others to become advocates for neurodiversity and promoting a culture of understanding and empathy in the workplace.


Our mission is to help you create a supportive and productive environment where your team members with ADHD can truly thrive, ultimately benefiting your entire organization.

What can you expect from this workshop?

  • Gain a basic understanding of ADHD and neurodiversity to better support your team
  • Develop effective communication, active listening, and empathy skills
  • Learn how to support colleagues with ADHD through strengths-based coaching
  • Create safe spaces and foster psychological safety within your team
  • Cultivate supportive relationships and enhance team dynamics

By embracing the role of an ADHD Support Catalyst, you'll contribute to creating a compassionate and thriving workplace where everyone can succeed, while also enriching your own personal and professional growth.

This workshop is designed for:

  1. Team leaders who want to better support their team members with ADHD, whether they suspect their colleagues have ADHD or they've been informed about their diagnosis.
  2. Team members who want to create a supportive and inclusive environment for colleagues with ADHD, enhancing empathy, understanding, and effective communication within diverse teams.
  3. Human resources professionals and managers aiming to develop a deeper understanding of ADHD and neurodiversity in order to implement effective support strategies and promote inclusivity within their organization.
  4. Professionals in mentorship or coaching roles who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge to effectively guide and empower individuals with ADHD in their personal and career development.
  5. Employee Resource Group (ERG) leaders or members looking to enhance their understanding of ADHD and promote inclusivity for neurodiverse colleagues in the workplace.

Workshop Overview

This workshop consists of 5 interactive and engaging sessions, delivered over 90 min via zoom. (sessions are not pre-recorded) Coach Cathy will be facilitating the sessions. 

Each designed to help you acquire the skills needed to become an effective ADHD Support Catalyst:

  • Session 1: Exploring ADHD, Neurodiversity, and Strengths
  • Session 2: Cultivating Effective Communication and Empathy
  • Session 3: Implementing Strengths-Based Coaching for ADHD
  • Session 4: Fostering Psychological Safety and Creating Safe Spaces
  • Session 5: Nurturing Supportive Relationships and Positive Team Dynamics

Why participate in this workshop?

  • Enhance your skills as a compassionate leader and collaborator
  • Create a more inclusive and supportive workplace
  • Empower colleagues with ADHD to reach their full potential
  • Improve overall productivity and morale within your organization


The Impact on Your Organization: By participating in this Leadership Training workhop, you will not only witness the transformation of your team members with ADHD but also experience the positive ripple effects throughout your organization.

Your investment in their growth will lead to:

  • Higher employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increased innovation and creative problem-solving
  • Enhanced team dynamics and collaboration
  • A positive and inclusive work culture that attracts top talent

Become an ADHD Support Catalyst and make a lasting difference in the lives of your colleagues with ADHD. Together, let's create a compassionate and inclusive environment where everyone can flourish.


Contact Cathy directly for Private Workshop for your organization [email protected] 

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Cathy Rashidian

Your workshop facilitator - Cathy Rashidian PCAC, PCC


Meet Cathy, a certified executive coach who specializes in ADHD. With over 20 years of leadership experience in corporate Canada and personal experience living with ADHD, Cathy knows how to support individuals with ADHD achieve their goals and lead more fulfilling lives.

Cathy's unique coaching style combines traditional executive coaching techniques with an understanding of the unique needs of adults with ADHD. Her approach has helped numerous individuals with ADHD around the world to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

Cathy is not just any coach. She has some serious credentials and training, including being a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) with PCC credentials, and being credentialed through The Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC). She also received her training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and Advanced ADHD Training from ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), where she currently serves as a lead trainer and mentor to future coaches. 

Cathy is the host of the Proudly ADHD podcast, where she shares her insights on managing ADHD and interviews leading experts in the field. She is also a sought-after speaker on the topic of Neurodiversity in the workplace.

If you're looking to support your employees with ADHD, Cathy's expertise and experience can make a significant difference. Cathy is available to work with your organization to develop a customized coaching program that meets the unique needs of your employees with ADHD, helping them to manage their condition and achieve their goals.

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