Empower Your Workplace: Become an ADHD Support Catalyst

A Leadership Training Designed to Empower Your Team and Drive Success.


Employees with ADHD are 61% more likely to be fired and 53% more likely to quit*. This is costing your company.

You’re probably already familiar with the tug-of-war of managing employees with ADHD. They’re gifted in unique ways like out of the box thinking, innovation, and strong interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, their diagnosis sometimes leads to issues with delivery, communication, attention to details, and other basic skills.

While the unique wiring of neurodivergent brains is a huge asset to any company, leveraging their gifts requires a new leadership skill set. 

But you don’t have to become an ADHD expert - we’re breaking it down to the most important, science-backed concepts so you can implement new skills just a couple weeks into the course.

This course combines learning units sourced from the top experts in the field of ADHD, as well as practical fieldwork and feedback so that participants walk away with the knowledge and confidence to use their leadership skills.

Discover How Easy it Is to Lead Employees with ADHD to Contribute the Full Spectrum of Their Abilities to the Workplace.

Learning + Practice + Feedback = You’re an ADHD Support Catalyst!



Key Concepts

Organizations are Being Asked to Lean into Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in Order to Promote Inclusivity.

But how do you translate things like “Psychological Safety” through the perspective and needs of the diagnosis of ADHD?  

The concepts may be familiar to you as a leader, however, through the lens of ADHD and neurodiverse diagnoses, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • Neurodiversity Nurturing: Strategies for Inclusive Culture and Collaboration
  • Empathic Exchanges: Break Down Communication Walls so Everyone Gets Heard
  • Building a Bedrock for Innovation: Creating Psychologically Safe Spaces for ADHD Minds
  • Amplifying ADHD Strengths: Strengths-Based Coaching Method for Neurodivergent Team Members
  • ADHD Alchemy: Fostering Positive Team Dynamics
  • Navigating Neurodiversity: Deciphering the ADHD Mind

After This Course, You Will Know Exactly How to Create ADHD-Inclusive Environments That Let EVERYONE Thrive.

“Absolutely take the training. Take the leap. Get outside your comfort zone. What you learn will help with all employees -- neurodivergent or not. It will make you better -- a better leader, a better listener and a better human being.” ~ Program Participant

Who This is For:

  • Team Leaders: Total toolkit to support your employees with ADHD and develop skills to bring out the best in everyone
  • HR Professionals: Set the gold standard for inclusive environments and handle workplace conflicts as an informed advocate
  • ERG Leaders & Members: Ensure your initiatives include the must-have pillar of  neurodiversity inclusivity
  • Mentors & Coaches: Learn the tools and information  to guide those with ADHD to soar in their career
Think: Less Turnover, More Innovation, Better Teamwork, and a Culture That Attracts (and Retains) the Best in the Business. CLICK TO JOIN WAITLIST

“This was an excellent way to not only learn about my own ADHD and how it operates in my work but how I can support neurodivergent team members. Each session was thought-provoking and interesting and incredibly validating! I also enjoyed meeting this incredible and diverse group of professional women.” ~ Past Participant


As an ADHD Support Catalyst, You Will Have the Skills and Knowledge to Carry the Torch of Empathy, Understanding, and Inclusivity. CLICK JOIN WAITLIST
Cathy Rashidian

Why Learn from Coach Cathy? 

Today’s top talent are selective about the cultures they choose to work in. In the modern workplace, Emotionally Intelligent leadership is non-negotiable**. It is essential for organizations to learn from an ADHD specialist with rigorous training and experience. 

With over 20+ years of leadership experience in Corporate Canada as well as extensive experience as an executive coach, Cathy understands the challenges unique to the corporate environment. As a successful entrepreneur with personal experience living with ADHD, Cathy is uniquely positioned to help organizations meet the needs and harness the gifts of their neurodiverse employees. She is also a sought-after speaker on the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace.

Cathy Rashidian, Executive Coach with specialization in ADHD, is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) with PCC credentials, and is credentialed through the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC). She has also received Advanced ADHD Training from ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), where she currently serves as a lead trainer and mentor to future ADHD coaches. 

“Cathy's style is so real and authentic and she is such a great coach. I've been in other ADHD groups and Cathy shared new info and provided fresh new content and perspective that will totally stick with me.” ~ Past Participant

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Total Sessions - 8 in total (5 Modules + 2 Practicum Meetings + 1 Bonus followup Session)
Length of session - 90 minutes 
Time - TBD
Dates - TBD
Location - Zoom  

Session Format/Materials - Presentation, Worksheets and Breakout rooms, 2 Practicum Sessions and Replay of the session
Participation Capacity - Min 5 to Max 8 people per cohort
Investment - $497 USD/Per Person 
Certificate of Completion (Must attend 6 out of 8 sessions) + complete all assignments

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