The Great ADHD Reset

5 week program to escape overwhelm, channel your ADHD strengths, and revamp your career from the inside out.

This program helps Ambitious ADHDers who are overextended, exhausted, unmotivated and feeling out of balance, learn compassionate and sustainable solutions to break the vicious cycle of burnout, so they can reclaim their life and live with an even keel one day at a time - successfully on their own terms.

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Are you struggling with focus, feeling unmotivated and burned out?

Are you seeking a way to live with more balance and peace of mind? You’ve tried to stay on top of your work with lists and planners, but keep taking on too much and end up feeling overwhelmed. You are too busy to figure it out yourself. You are willing to make the time if only there was a clear path forward. The truth is, you don’t have to do ADHD alone.  

It’s time for the Great ADHD Reset.

Work has changed, and it’s time to adapt. We know you’re busy so we’ve distilled and streamlined hundreds of hours of ADHD research, education and training into a simplified, and intuitive step-by-step program and will guide you every step of the way. In this program, you will experience a renewed sense of hope for the future by learning how to work with your unique brain instead of against it, and turn your difference into your best asset.

Our Step-by-Step Program will help you

  • Learn how to work with your unique brain instead of against it, and turn your difference into your best asset.
  • Create your customized ADHD management blueprint so you can use your adhd to your advantage.   
  • Learn and practice implementing our powerful E.S.C.A.P.E. methodology to break free from the vicious cycle of burnout, reclaim your life and live with an even keel one day at a time. 
  • Learn the 4 Agreements of ADHD Mastery, powerful everyday principles to transform your experience of living with ADHD. When practiced consistently, these agreements will help you move from hopelessness and insecurity to confidence, personal freedom and power to manage your life on your own terms.
  • Name and tame your inner critic, build confidence from the inside out so you can break free from the addiction “do more,” “prove” and be “perfect.”
  • Learn to identify your unique drainers and drivers of attention and energy to be able to cut through procrastination and focus on the things that matter to you.
  • Learn to spot and avoid “The Usual Suspects,” the unproductive patterns of behavior that haunt ADHDers in the workplace so that you can stop falling into the same old traps and feel in control. 
  • Practice practical and proven tools such as ADHD friendly time-blocking, calendar management, body doubling, habit stacking, that you will put in action right away to start seeing results.

Not another self-paced course

Let’s be honest, many of us with ADHD have paid for self-paced courses we never even started, let alone completed. That’s why we are doing things differently: 

  • 100% live, interactive, experiential learning in a small group format to make the virtual program as engaging as possible. 
  • Space for live coaching, role playing, and self reflection. 
  • Experience the power of community, and be part of a constructive group of thinking partners and peers who have your back so you don’t have to do ADHD alone.

Program schedule

All times are in Eastern Standard Zone

  • Friday, Oct 22, 7:30-9pm ET  |  Program-Kick-off Session: Welcome party! Intro to the program & 4 Agreements of ADHD Mastery™
  • Saturday, Oct 23, 1-6pm ET  |  ADHD Bootcamp: Creating Your Owner's Manual
  • Wednesday, Oct 27 5-6:30pm ET  |  The Usual Suspects™: Recognize and Avoid the 5 ADHD Traps in the Workplace + Live Group Coaching
  • Wednesday Nov 3, 5-6:30pm ET  |  E.S.C.A.P.E.™: Breaking free of the Rip Tide of Burnout
  • Wednesday Nov 10, 5-6:30pm ET  |  Board of Brains™: Help your Friends & Family help you
  • Wednesday Nov 17, 5-6:30pm ET  |  Graduation: Final reflections & sustaining change
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The Great ADHD Reset Program

$997 USD

One time payment

What's Included

  • High impact ADHD Boot Camp where you will create your customized ADHD blueprint.  
  • Access to private group coaching with professionally trained ADHD Coach Cathy Rashidian where we will take your challenges head on.  
  • Accountability group with weekly check-ins to keep you engaged and on track.
  • Clear roadmap & Program Checklist so you know EXACTLY what to do each week.
  • Industry leading assessments to uncover your processing style, strengths, and procrastination persona. 
  • Bonus session for friends and family to learn the basics of ADHD and how they can support you. 
  • Templates & Scripts for navigating difficult conversations and disclosure. 
  • Unlimited access to our curated ADHD resource toolkit.
  • Direct access to us as your program guides for 5 weeks.
  • Our unwavering enthusiasm, support, & brainpower to help you achieve your goals.
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Your dedicated program guides

  • Cathy Rashidian

Certified Executive Coach, Specializing in ADHD 

Hi, I am Cathy, I live in Canada. I am a global citizen, mother to a 5 year old girl, embracing my silver hair, neurodivergent brain (ADHD fueled), married to a supportive husband and an Executive Coach Specializing in ADHD. 

I have a unique perspective because I previously rocked the corp life for 20 years, leaned into a second chance at life after diagnosis of cancer. I learned how to make my ADHD my best asset. Navigating my career in high profile leadership roles & creating my own definition of success led me to become a certified Exec Coach. Nurturing, mentoring those around me, teaching others how to step into their power and rise to their leadership potential.

I now support professionals with ADHD do the same, working with their ADHD not against it. In addition to my coaching practice, I am the host and producer of "Proudly ADHD" Podcast, interviewing renowned ADHD experts & trailblazing leaders on the secrets to success in navigating ADHD.

Margaux Joffe

Founder, Kaleidoscope Society for Women with ADHD

I am the daughter of loving parents from Johannesburg and New Orleans, the oldest of three siblings, and the Founder of Kaleidoscope Society for Women with ADHD. 

After struggling for years with depression, anxiety and burnout, I got diagnosed with ADHD, learned how to go from surviving to thriving, and heal decades of shame in the process. 

I wanted to take what I learned to help others so I applied my expertise as a Creative Director and Producer to launch Kaleidoscope Society, an empowering online content platform for women with ADHD. I’ve worked with trailblazing leaders to create expert and peer-to-peer content that has helped thousands on their journey. I went on to dispel stigma in the workplace by founding the tech industry’s first Neurodiversity Employee Resource group at Yahoo. In 2 years we built a peer-to-peer support network for hundreds of employees in 35 offices worldwide.  Over the next 4 years I became a certified accessibility professional, getting paid to travel, speak, and advocate for more accessible technology for people with disabilities, and helping big corporations make their workplace and products more inclusive. 

I am a proud member of the Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame, and currently serve on the Board of Directors for the American Association of People with Disabilities. 

I want others with ADHD to know they are not alone, and there is hope. I am determined to dispel the stigma around ADHD so that others can feel seen, valued and empowered. I want everyone to wake up feeling energized and inspired by their career path. This is what keeps me focused on my goals. 

Most people don’t know that I love salsa dancing, print-making, yoga, and gardening. I currently live in Seattle, WA with my dog Codi.

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The Great ADHD Reset Program 

October Cohort is now full! 

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