Supporting Team Members with ADHD 

A Leadership Training designed to help you Empower your team and Drive Success

Empower Your Workplace: Become an ADHD Support Catalyst

Are you committed to creating an inclusive workspace where every talent shines?

In today's dynamic workplace, diversity is the bedrock of innovation. This diversity is a strength, yet it poses unique challenges for leaders like you. Among your talented team, there are those whose minds are uniquely wired with ADHD. This distinction often sparks bursts of unparalleled brilliance, but it can also pose challenges in providing the right support to sustain productivty. 

Productivity isn't one-size-fits-all.
Craft an environment where ADHD team members feel valued, resulting in enhanced emotional regulation and peak performance. You're already invested in your team's growth, recognizing the unparalleled creativity of your ADHD colleagues. Yet, you might find yourself grappling with their unique requirements. Enter the "ADHD Support Catalyst Workshop." This 5-session leadership training, curated with an ADHD lens, is tailored for visionaries like you.

Become an ADHD Support Catalyst:
Champion inclusivity and amplify the strengths of ADHD individuals. By doing so, you not only become an advocate for neurodiversity but also foster a culture brimming with empathy and understanding.

Our Pledge:
Equip you to cultivate a setting where ADHD professionals not only succeed but excel, benefiting the entire organizational framework.


Who's This Workshop For?

  • Team Leaders: If you're managing those with ADHD or suspect you are, this is your playbook.
  • Team Members: Advocate for an inclusive setup where everyone’s uniqueness is celebrated.
  • HR Professionals: Dive deep into ADHD, design strategies, and set the gold standard for inclusivity.
  • Mentors & Coaches: Enhance your toolkit. Guide those with ADHD to soar in their career.
  • ERG Leaders & Members: Champion ADHD understanding and inclusivity in your initiatives.


Workshop Blueprint:

Dive deep with Coach Cathy in 5 live, 90-minute Zoom sessions, each crafted to empower you with the skills and knowledge to champion ADHD support in the workplace:

  • Exploring ADHD, Neurodiversity, and Strengths - Delve into the intricacies of neurodiverse minds and recognize their inherent strengths.
  • Cultivating Effective Communication and Empathy - Grasp motivational strategies tailored for employees with ADHD, fostering genuine connection and understanding.
  • Implementing Strengths-Based Coaching for ADHD - Recognize and harness the diverse strengths to amplify ADHD potential.
  • Fostering Psychological Safety and Creating Safe Spaces - Appreciate ADHD as distinctive brain wiring brimming with capabilities and create nurturing environments for it to thrive.
  • Nurturing Supportive Relationships and Positive Team Dynamics - Look beyond mere performance. Recognize and embrace the underlying strengths each individual brings to the table.

Why Participate in This Workshop?

  • Comprehensive ADHD Understanding: Sharpen your leadership skills with a profound grasp of ADHD's unique brain wiring, setting you apart as a compassionate leader and collaborator.
  • Tailored ADHD Environments: Pave the way for an inclusive workspace. Learn the intricacies of crafting spaces that are inherently ADHD-friendly, ensuring everyone feels valued and understood. 
  • Unleashing True Potential: Empower your ADHD colleagues by pinpointing their wellsprings of positive emotion and the intrinsic traits that invigorate them. Ignite their passion and watch them excel.
  • Boosting Productivity & Morale: Recognize and amplify what brings each team member to life. By nurturing individual strengths and passions, witness an uplift in both productivity and overall team morale.

The Ripple Effect:
Invest in understanding and watch your entire organization benefit. Think: higher job satisfaction, more innovation, better teamwork, and a culture that attracts the best in the business.

Ready to be the change? Join us. Together, we'll make work better for everyone.


Total Sessions - 5 
Length of session - 90 minutes 
Time - 9 am pst/ 10 am mst / 12 pm est.  TimeConverter 
Dates - Thursdays Nov 9, Nov 16, Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14 
Location - Zoom  

Session Format - Presentation, Worksheets and Breakout rooms for smaller discussions, Replay of the session 
Participation Capacity - Min 5 to Max 8 people 
Investment - $497 USD/Per Person
for Dedicated Group Discount, or multi participants from the same company please email [email protected]

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Cathy Rashidian

Your workshop facilitator - Cathy Rashidian PCAC, PCC


Meet Cathy, a certified executive coach who specializes in ADHD. With over 20 years of leadership experience in corporate Canada and personal experience living with ADHD, Cathy knows how to support individuals with ADHD achieve their goals and lead more fulfilling lives.

Cathy's unique coaching style combines traditional executive coaching techniques with an understanding of the unique needs of adults with ADHD. Her approach has helped numerous individuals with ADHD around the world to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.

Cathy is not just any coach. She has some serious credentials and training, including being a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) with PCC credentials, and being credentialed through The Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC). She also received her training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and Advanced ADHD Training from ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), where she currently serves as a lead trainer and mentor to future coaches. 

Cathy is the host of the Proudly ADHD podcast, where she shares her insights on managing ADHD and interviews leading experts in the field. She is also a sought-after speaker on the topic of Neurodiversity in the workplace.

If you're looking to support your employees with ADHD, Cathy's expertise and experience can make a significant difference. Cathy is available to work with your organization to develop a customized coaching program that meets the unique needs of your employees with ADHD, helping them to manage their condition and achieve their goals.


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